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Indie Tickets, formed by a small group of long-term music lovers, offers a low-cost, convenient advance ticketing option to music fans and venues. By providing advance ticketing options without the exorbitant fees normally associated with this service, creates a viable alternative to better serve music fans and venues.

Taking advantage of the widespread reach of the internet, Indie Tickets allows music fans to log in to our system to buy advance tickets at their leisure. Our users love the convenience of our 24 hour a day service, which dramatically minimizes the time formerly spent purchasing advance tickets. Our specially designed system allows music fans to purchase tickets from the convenience of any computer, saving them time once spent waiting in long lines while guaranteeing them admittance to events that often sell out. We focus exclusively on providing the best ticketing alternative for music, leaving baseball, airplane and NASCAR tickets to the others. We've gone to great lengths to design a system that is customer-friendly and makes the process of buying tickets quick and easy. Rest assured, anyone can use Indie Tickets!

We combine the cutting edge of usability and progressive technology with competitive rates and helpful customer service, ensuring that Indie Tickets is always a pleasant experience. Incorporating the knowledge gained through the development of numerous e-commerce projects with our many years of experience involved in the music industry (concert promotion, booking bands, record label experience, and of course, attending hundreds of musical events), we've built a system that balances automation of process with customer friendliness. Our extensive experience benefits our customers but does not add overhead costs to our service - our rates are competitively priced and we pass the efficiency of our system on to the customer.

Indie Tickets was created to serve the independent minded music venue and music fan. If you're tired of the high fees, complicated policies and overwhelming bureaucracy of the limited options currently available, Indie Tickets will surely be a refreshing change. As we move forward with this exciting service, we're continuing to develop new ways to fuse the best interests of music fans, independent venues and artists. We're bringing friendly, convenient advance ticketing options to music fans everywhere - one venue at a time!